All you PUBG players must be thrilled to be able to play that zombie mode finally. While most of you might be enjoying cracking that zombie skullz, many of you might wanna know all about it. Are you wanting to get that Winner Winner Chicken Dinner? Well, here is everything you need to know about the new zombie event mode. Keep scrolling for some neat tips and tricks to get an edge over your friends:—–


There are many zombie minions that have been introduced in the zombie mode. Here is a list of all the zombies and the zombie weaknesses.


These zombies are generally very slow and their basic ability is to pounce upon you and reduce your health. Their eye color is normal. These come in small quantities during the first night and can be found here and there during the daytime. The cop variant can mostly be found near the RPD building that can spawn either between School and Pochinki. Or Shelter and Mansion. Or near the Rozhok and Yasniya Polyana bridge. Interestingly, in the real game, the name of this cop is Marvin Branagh. He sacrifices himself in order for the hero of the game to escape. 2-3 well-placed headshots of an AKM or an S12K is the death of this zombie and others of its kind.


These zombies are faster than level 1 zombie and deal much more damage than their level 1 counterparts. Their eye color is red. These arrive in groups but nor full-on hordes during the 2nd night. If you have a car during their arrival, you will generally be safe. Again, their weakness is shots to the head. Use a heavy ammo gun like the AWM or the BERYL M762 or the S12K shotgun. Their speed of running is also faster than their predecessor. These sometimes tend to spawn out of the land, even when you are in a house. The key is to keep moving and not standing still.


These are at the epitome of the normal zombie minions. These are faster, stronger and a bit harder to kill. They can be differentiated by their eye color which is yellow. These never arrive alone and always bring along their other friends in the form of a zombie horde. Their pounce ability is also faster and they are a hell of a sprinter. The key to avoiding them is, running while Zig-Zagging. Keep jumping when they get too close if you are in the open ground. If running open by the time of their arrival, you should either be a pro or get to a building.

The M134 minigun is quite effective for them in a closed space like a building. Avoid from using it out in the open as it reduces your movement and speed. You will end up getting surrounded by these yellow-eyed demons. The Flamethrower is also a good weapon to use against them if you are in a building.


These are found from the beginning of the round but keep increasing as more waves keep coming. During the later waves, you should definitely keep an eye out on these. They have the ability to damage your character from far away by using their spitting ability. They shoot green goo stuff from a distance and can differentiated from other zombies. Lookout for their gas masks and sometimes red eyes. They generally do not tend pounce on you using their ability, but if they target you, you can get some pretty good damage from far away. The key again to win over them is to keep moving so as to not get hit by their spit.

During the later stages, people tend to go to the roofs of building and then getting hit out of nowhere. That is because you do not even need to be in their line of sight to get hit. You can be on the roof standing still and one of them might be on the ground and his spit-shot will still land on you. Just keep moving and head-shooting them and you will be fine.


These are a bit harder to kill than you average zombie minions. Let’s discuss these:


These can be differentiated by their obese body structure and a signature butcher’s knife in its right hand. They damage players with a butchers chop. They require more bullets to be killed than their normal counterparts. Their weak point includes the boils on its body and its head. After it is destroyed or stopped, you might not want to be around it, as it tends to explode and provide damage. It is also the main component of the new Zombie Grenade and it rises out from under the ground where the zombie grenade lands. It is quite useful as if the last circle is in an open field and your enemy(s) is snaking, you can draw him out. By throwing a zombie grenade is a suspecting direction, you can engage him with this zombie thus making him give his location away.


These are large, bulky and heavily armored zombies who have a riot shield. These generally start to appear after the first night or the second night. They use this shield to charge into and damage players. Their shield is virtually indestructible and shooting it is pointless. You need to land headshots and back body shots to kill this guy. These tend to leave behind zombie crates which consist of a high-level armor and high rarity guns. Never stand too close to this zombie as it will thrash his shield over your head. Try maneuvering behind him while a teammate catches his attention and hit him from the back.


These are fast-paced and heavy damage dealing, ground crawling zombies. Beware of these, they tend to rush up to you and stand and swipe at you. Which leads us to its weakness. Before attacking it stands still and upright for a movement. Get near it to trigger this movement and then step back and shoot on its head and back. It is most vulnerable at this movement.

It is directly adapted from the game where the player can avoid it by just walking past it, but in the event mode, this is not possible. Do not stand still when engaging this zombie. Keep on the move. Don’t give it a chance to swipe at you. Even though it is easier to kill this zombie than the riot shield zombie, it has a health bar, because it is derived from the game, which can be used to gauge its hp. You will know how much bullets it requires.


These are the most advanced of all the zombies and can only be found in certain locations. Hardest to kill.


This zombie only spawns 1 per match and can only be found inside the RPD building. It also has a health bar. It uses a steel pipe to attack players wherein it stops and attacks. This zombie does not evolve like in the original game. The G(Stage 1) is no match for an M134 minigun. Its weaknesses include its mutated eye on its right shoulder and shots to the head.

If you are able to find the RPD building while landing, you can directly go for killing it. You will find a minigun lying on the floor inside the entrance of the building, with its ammo, if you are first on the spot and you can use it to take it down. Once dead it leaves a big zombie crate where you can find rare armor and guns and a ghillie suit for the rest of the match. If you find killing it overwhelming, simply go outside the building as it will not chase you outside. It is restricted to the main building.


It is directly adapted from the original game, but unlike it; where it is impossible to kill it; in the event mode it is possible to kill it. Collect heavy ammo guns like the M134 Minigun or the AKM or the Beryl M762 and its ammo to go defeat this monstrosity. Its arrival is notified on the screen in-game and its location is marked as a beeping dot on the map.

Its abilities include running and thrashing the player, throwing insanely accurate rocks at the player. Only weakness is shots to the head for this zombie. Do not let it get too close to you as it deals a lot of damage. Keep your squadmates near you at all times as they can distract it for you. After its death, it leaves a big zombie crate of high-level loot. Its entry is also very spectacular as it drops from the sky like an airdrop. The only difference is that it is encased in a pillar of steel which it breaks out of In mid-air.


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