We are finally getting the most awaited DC comics movie of the year; SHAZAM. It is finally releasing on 3rd April 2019 in the USA and 5th April 2019 in India. While we are all excited to finally see it, here are all the facts about DC‘s own CAPTAIN MARVEL. You need to know to fully be able to get that comic book movie feel.


The story is about a 12-year-old, orphan boy named Billy Batson who is thrown from his house and has to work as a paperboy. One day he is lured in the subway station of his city(Fawcett city) by a mysterious figure. Wearing a hood into a strange train with strange graffiti all over it. When exiting the train, he is brought to an underground cave where he meets the wise wizard named SHAZAM. The wizard bestows upon the kid his own powers after testing him for his goodness and purity of heart.

He can just say the word SHAZAM and he turns into an all-powerful adult having godly powers. As he does so, the wizard Shazam starts disintegrating around him. Billy is told that he was the last of his brethren and now must take the baton of Shazam. He must protect the world in his place against the seven deadly sins and other enemies.


When Billy Batson says the words “SHAZAM!”, he transforms into the persona of the all-powerful entity known as CAPTAIN MARVEL. He then gains a lot of powers amongst which the most prevailing are these:-

  • S is for Solomon‘s Wisdom – As the hero CAPTAIN MARVEL/SHAZAM, Billy has access to vast amounts of scholarly knowledge. He gains excellent mental sharpness and unfailing wisdom. This includes access to most languages and sciences including dead languages and alien languages. In earlier comics, he could also hypnotize people with his words.
  • H is for Hercules‘s Strength – He has the powers of the legendary demigod Hercules. Thus making him one of the strongest hero of the DC universe. He strength is in compariso to that of Superman and other godly villains in the DC universe.
  • A is for Atlas‘ Stamina – Like the Greek titan Atlas, Captain Marvel/ Shazam has extreme stamina, endurance, and resistance to injury. He can survive himself from the most extreme attacks and heal from them within seconds without breaking a sweat. The stamina of Atlas prevents him from fatigue, hunger, and thirst.
  • Z is for Zeus‘s Power – The power of Zeus provides him with the magical lightning strike. This transforms him for Billy to Shazam. He also has the power to use electricity as bolts of lightning which are also readily available at his fingertips. S also has resistance to all magic spells and attacks. He can use lightning to dodge attacks and letting it hit his enemies.
  • A is for Achilles‘ Courage – Achilles’ powers are mostly spiritual and mental in nature; they provide him with a higher mental fortitude which provides him with resistance against most mental attacks from mind-controlling villains. He also possesses near- invulnerability as the powers of Achilles.
  • M is for Mercury‘s Speed – By using the speed of mercury, Captain Marvel can travel great distances very fast and can also fly. He uses this ability to travel to the rock of eternity.


Shazam has a lot of enemies. Here are his main adversaries:-


BLACK ADAM is CAPTAIN MARVEL’S main nemesis in modern times. Just like him, he also has the power to transform using a mystical word. But Unlike Captain Marvel, Black Adam instead of siphoning the powers of the Greek gods and figures of Solomon, Hercules, Atlas, Zeus, Achilles, and Mercury, he siphons off the powers of the Egyptian gods Shu, Heru, Amon, Zehuti, Aton, Mehen, and Isis.


He was created when the wizard Shazam chose Adam being impressed by his virtue and martial heroism. His plans were foiled by his half-demonic daughter when she struck a deal with Set, the god of chaos. When Adam said Shazam, instead of getting powers of the wizard’s patron gods he instead got those of the Egyptian gods. Scared of his evil intentions, Shazam imprisoned Black Adam in a scarab amulet where he remained for thousands of years.


He indirectly murdered Billy’s parents when they disturbed his tomb where he was imprisoned inside a scarab amulet, when Billy’s parents who were archeologists and their assistant discovered his tomb, Theo-Adam; the assistant; became immediately obsessed with the scarab. He killed the parents in order to claim it for himself. He learned of his relationship with black Adam and when he said the mystic words, awoke the powers of Black Adam in himself.


These demonic entities caused chaos and destruction by controlling and possessing humans and fueling their basic sinful desires. The wizard Shazam took it upon himself and captured and froze these demons within seven stones. They were punished was to remain within the Rock of Eternity encased in stone forever. They are- Pride, Envy, Greed, Anger, Sloth, Gluttony, Lust. All of them managed to escape when the Rock of Eternity was destroyed by Spectre who managed to kill Shazam. When it was rebuilt, captain marvel managed to capture and imprison all of them once again.


Doctor Thaddeus Bodog Sivana was one of the most frequent of Captain Marvel’s foes in the Golden Age, where he was depicted as an intelligent, but a dangerous scientist.
He was one of the wealthiest men in Fawcett City. Using weapons of his own making, Sivana has tried many times to defeat Captain Marvel, who is the defender of Fawcett City, it was even his life pursuit at one time. However, Captain Marvel destroyed Sivana’s business empire and research facility rendering him resourceless and bitter. Dr. Sivana also funded the expedition in Egypt where the scarab amulet was recovered and Billy’s parents were murdered.

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